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Learn How to Build Accessible Web Apps with Marcy Sutton

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Ensuring your application is accessible requires a mindset shift— not just for you as a developer, but also for your designers and the stakeholders in your organization.

Each of these areas bring with them their own set of challenges:

  • How should I prioritize application features?
  • What can I do to ensure my solutions work for people with disabilities?
  • How do I get buy-in from my team?
  • How do I approach working through accessibility issues that I don't even know I have?

These questions are hard to answer with years of experience, and even harder if you're just getting started.

Work needs to be done on both the technical-skills and people-skills parts of the business to get accessible features and functionality delivered to your users.

Start with a design

Designs that we are given to implement don't always cover all of the aspects of what makes an application accessible.

Evaluating visual designs and mockups for potential implementation issues is a learned skill. It is critical to provide detailed explanations to ensure the collaborative design process is as inclusive as possible.

Accessibility is more than just adding some attributes to your tags.

There are considerations for the semantics of your markup, which element to use, and how CSS choices impact the user's experience.

Think of the web sites you visit on a regular basis.

Menus, modals, and forms are some of the most common widgets your team will encounter, and you need first-hand practice building them from scratch.

Your team has to be equipped with the knowledge to build their own accessible interactions that look and feel great.

Automated testing finds just 30–50% of accessibility issues

Your team needs a testing workflow that will help them discover and fix issues before they ship to production. You need to be familiar with all of the industry standard tooling, and know how to best audit the applications you build.

In order to make a lasting change and adopt an accessibility focus across your organization, your team needs to know how to prioritize, develop a process, and effectively communicate– even if it means pushing back on designs or "managing up" in certain situations.

What if your team had concrete blueprints for design reviews and user testing procedures, as well as techniques and templates for conversations with different departments in your organization?

What if your team had everything they needed to create inclusive web applications and become an accessibility champion in your organization?

That's exactly what I will deliver for you and your team.

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