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Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming workshops

October 2021

Manual Tools & Testing

Learn how to incorporate accessibility into your development process and leave the Web better than you found it. This workshop will teach you how to evaluate webpages for accessibility using a variety of modern tools and repeatable processes.

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November 2021

Intro to Accessible Web Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

November 10, 2021
This half-day workshop covers topics semantic HTML, responsible ARIA, and how to apply JavaScript accessibly.
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Advanced Accessibility with JS and Automated Testing

November 11, 2021
In this half-day workshop, you'll learn how to test for accessibility in various parts of the software development lifecycle using tools like Jest, Testing Library, and Cypress.
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Automated Accessibility Testing with JavaScript

Late November 2021
Learn advanced techniques for incorporating accessibility into your web development workflow. Using the latest tools, we can write a variety of tests for accessibility and prevent issues from making it to production.

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