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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if this material doesn’t suit my needs?

    I guarantee it will, but if it doesn’t, send an email to within 30 days for a full refund.

  • What is the format of the workshops?

    Each workshop contains text-based lessons along with supplemental video clips from a live workshop session to reinforce what you read. The lesson text is not a transcript of the video– it is instructional content that includes challenges with worked out solutions, links to additional resources, and exercises for you to complete on your own.

  • What if I already have experience with accessibility? Will I still learn anything?

    Yes! Accessibility is more than just markup. In addition to nuances of ARIA, throughout the workshop I share my thought processes around planning what to test before writing them. There are also several “over the shoulder” videos that include troubleshooting real issues. I even get comments from workshop attendees who learned about DevTools features they didn’t know existed!

  • What frameworks do you use in the workshops?

    The Manual Testing workshop uses HTML, CSS, and JS without frameworks. The other development-specific workshops do use React, but lessons are applicable to other frameworks as well. Think of React as an implementation detail.

  • Do I have to know React?

    React’s JSX syntax is very similar to HTML, and the lessons are clear enough to follow along with and apply to other frameworks. There are some lessons and challenges that involve React-specific features like hooks and portals. Each of these have comparable features in other frameworks.

  • How do seats for team purchases work?

    Upon purchase, you will receive a link that includes your invoice as well as a team registration link that is valid for the number of seats you bought. These licenses are non-transferable (you cannot reassign a licensed seat from one person to another).