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Three Week Accessibility Masterclass (6 Workshops)


3-Week Accessibility Masterclass

This three-week, six-workshop masterclass takes you from foundations of how to approach accessibility before writing a single line of code and working all the way through setting up continuous integration to run automated test suites before deployment.

Foundations of Accessibility - Tuesday, April 26th (Half-day)

As an introduction for technologists of all roles, skill and experience levels, this session will cover the basics of digital accessibility. Attendees will learn definitions and motivations for accessibility, including making a business case in a global market. We’ll also dive into the essential components of web accessibility, setting the scene for the following workshops in this series.

Design & People Skills for Accessibility - Thursday, April 28th (Full-day)

In the Design & People Skills workshop we will ensure the application designs we implement are usable for all. We'll do this through learning how to watch for potential issues and how to tactfully discuss alternative approaches. We will also discuss how to create and adopt a culture of accessibility in our organizations.

Workshop Topics include:

  • Accessibility as UX
  • Collaboration on Designs & Prototyping
  • Animation & Design
  • Finding answers for accessibility issues
  • Creating a culture of accessibility
  • Q&A

Manual Accessibility Testing - Tuesday, May 3rd (Full-day)

From keyboard testing to browser DevTools and web extensions, manual accessibility testing is more powerful than ever before. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn recommended testing steps and accessibility requirements used by the pros so they become second nature.

Workshop topics Include:

  • Keyboard Testing
  • DevTools Testing
  • Accessibility Browser Extensions
  • Zoom Testing
  • Screen Reader Testing

Semantic Markup with HTML and ARIA - Thursday, May 5th (Full-day)

Accessibility best practices can be baked in from the start. Learn my approach to plumbing accessibility information into sites by following along as we implement parts of an accessible web application from scratch.

Workshop topics include:

  • Headings & Landmarks
  • The “When” & “How” of ARIA
  • Accessible naming
  • Programmatic Accessibility Information
  • The AOM (Accessibility Object Model)

Coding Accessible Interactions & Mechanics - Tuesday, May 10th (Full-day)

Find out how to make the interactive parts of your site usable with a keyboard and screenreader as you implement accessible versions of common components from scratch.

Workshop topics include:

  • Accessible navigation & skip links
  • CSS visibility & impact on assistive technologies
  • Building & testing a date picker
  • Focus management with key events
  • Announcements with assistive technology
  • Advanced scripting with ARIA

Automated Accessibility Testing - Thursday, May 12th (Full-day)

Writing reliable automated tests that assert things like keyboard operability, ARIA states, and other common accessibility requirements we can bake quality into our applications and potentially sleep better at night.

Learn about the many automated tools at your disposal and their strengths and weaknesses to gain understanding of how to configure accessibility tests that serve your team’s needs.

Workshop topics include:

  • Storybook
  • Jest
  • Cypress & Cypress Component Testing
  • Puppeteer
  • Continuous Integration