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Three Workshop Series: Semantics & ARIA, Interactions & Mechanics, Design & People Skills


This 3-workshop bundle is intended for web developers of all experience and skill levels, although some knowledge of the Web Platform will be helpful. Team members in other roles will also stand to benefit from these workshops in learning how to talk about accessibility from both a technical and creative point of view.

Semantic Markup with HTML and ARIA - Wednesday, Feb. 16

Accessibility best practices can be baked in from the start. Learn my approach to plumbing accessibility information into sites by following along as we implement parts of an accessible web application from scratch.

Workshop topics include:

  • Headings & Landmarks
  • The “When” & “How” of ARIA
  • Accessible naming
  • Programmatic Accessibility Information
  • The AOM (Accessibility Object Model)

For more details on this workshop, see the single event page on Semantic Markup with HTML & ARIA.

Coding Accessible Interactions & Mechanics - Wednesday, Feb 23

Find out how to make the interactive parts of your site usable with a keyboard and screenreader as you implement accessible versions of common components from scratch.

Workshop topics include:

  • Accessible navigation & skip links
  • CSS visibility & impact on assistive technologies
  • Building & testing a date picker
  • Focus management with key events
  • Announcements with assistive technology
  • Advanced scripting with ARIA

For more details on this workshop, see the single event page on Coding Accessible Interactions & Mechanics.

Design & People Skills for Accessibility - Wednesday, March 2nd

In Design & People Skills workshop we will ensure the application designs we implement are usable for all. We'll do this through learning how to watch for potential issues and how to tactfully discuss alternative approaches. We will also discuss how to create and adopt a culture of accessibility in our organizations.

Workshop Topics include:

  • Accessibility as UX
  • Collaboration on Designs & Prototyping
  • Animation & Design
  • Finding answers for accessibility issues
  • Creating a culture of accessibility
  • Live Q&A

For more details on this workshop, see the single event page on Design & People Skills for Accessibility.